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Posted by Steve Birrer on 2013-07-12 17:35:41 in reply to Re: LA in December posted by pedro on 2013-07-12 16:41:30


There are redfish year round in Louisiana. And the winter time is prime time for sight fishing to the big bulls. But understand that this is a different fishery. Clean water in LA in not the same as clean water in FL. For one thing the bottom is muddy (that's why the fish are there in the first place). You can catch fish there under just about any conditions BUT in general you need the following weather combinations.

1. Sunny and little wind.
2. Sunny and not so much wind you can't cast or control the boat.
3. Cloudy and almost no wind.

In many situations you will only see the fish or part of the fish (color) once you get very close. The cast will need to be very quick and on target. Certainly if you get sun and very little wind you may spot the fish a fair distance from the boat. But the bottom line is that this fishery is pretty weather dependent.

Yes you can fish in pretty lousy conditions and still scratch out some fish. But it is very tough when its hard to see. Many guys go there expecting to catch bull reds by the boat load and are very disappointed when the conditions are not favorable. But when they are can be great.

Do a search on here and you will find several threads about this fishery and some of the issues guys have had.

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