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Posted by Nick Auyong on 2013-07-10 16:19:30 in reply to Morro Bay posted by Jim Degnan on 2013-07-09 23:07:48

JIM- I would nix the surf unless you're here when conditions are just right. Rough coastline and windy in the PM. In my opinion, too much effort for maybe mediocre results. I would take Tom's advice and fish inside the bay for halibut. I have fished it for 40 plus years and not too many people know about this fishery.
Over the years, we have caught some rather large butts in July and August from the mouth to the old Virg's landing. A 52 pounder was once caught in the area. Our largest being a 45 pounder(bait), just past Target Rock in 10 ft. of water. Watercraft rentals are available in the bay. Use flies that mimic anchovies or smelt. Problems you will encounter. (1) Large tide deviation. The water really moves at tidal changes, therefore, #6 or Lc lines are required. (2) Eel grass abundant with tidal changes (3) Usually windy in PM., Recommendations- I would fish behind both breakwaters. Then along the north side of the channel to the bend at the Coast Guard Station( water is only 8- 14 feet. Then just past the public boat ramp. Then just past the Morro Bay Museum and then the long channel that heads south, From the museum, the bay flattens out and no deep channels. From the end of that long channel, it branches out to the sand spit and Los Osos . Too complicated to fish after that because the channels really start to narrow. This covers a lot of area unless you have a motorize craft. We have also caught sharks and rays in the bay. The most unusual, 4 foot leopard.

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