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Posted by Gerard on 2013-07-10 02:29:35 in reply to Re: Dorado Galore Part 2 posted by Richard on 2013-07-09 15:57:35

Funny thing about Loreto is that two boats can fish on the same day with one boat hitting a bounty and the other blanking…it can even happen when fishing the same area.
I’m by no means an expert and have only fished Loreta once last year so what do I know, but it was quite funny when coming back at the end of the day and swopping stories and pics. Good thing for our group is that we always found fish, had a great time, found a very nice guide and even though we had to teach him a bit of boat handling when fighting fish (our sparse Spanish did not help and he seemed to understand Afrikaans better *grin*), he definitely knew where to find the fish. I will take a guide that knows where to find fish above a perfect boatman any day of the week and twice on Sundays! He was also keen to take us to new spots, even though it meant a long boat ride and coming back late and this always seemed to pay off.
I really enjoyed the fishing at Loreto, the very friendly Mexican people, their culture (we went to watch their cultural dances the one evening) and of course the food! Man, coming back from a long day of fishing and having the chef do his magic with a fresh Dorado is a great reminder of how the simple things in life can make one the happiest.

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