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Posted by Nick Auyong on 2013-07-08 23:13:38 in reply to You troll flies? posted by Geoff on 2013-07-08 16:37:54

In the 70'sI learned how to troll (drift) with flies while fishing with guide Bill Schiess at Henry's Lake in Idaho. When the wind came up and was nearly impossible to cast, he would position the boat parallel to the swells. cock the engine into the swells, and drop a 16 lb. three fluted anchor at midship. If the drift was too fast, he would drop another identical anchor over the opposite side. Since Henry's is only 20 ft. max., letting out the whole 90 ft. of #4 fly line would get deep enough to elicit strikes. Three people could fish without tangling lines. We use the same technique when we do shallow water fishing for halibut here on the central coast of California.

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