Dorado Galore Part 2

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Posted by Carl Blackledge on 2013-07-08 13:42:51

7/7: Do you believe in lightening striking twice in the same spot? I'm here to tell you it did. This morning we traveled in the same direction we went yesterday, and didn't find much of anything except perhaps the biggest patch of sargasso I think I have ever seen in 14 years of fishing down here. I won't even try and estimate its size. Well, it was void of any type of fish, so we searched around maybe another hour when we spotted five pangas a few miles away in a small group, which means they probably have found fish. We took off in that direction full speed and wouldn't you know it, it was just like yesterday's fishing. I jumped up on the bow and all I could see were Dorado! I think these moments are why most of us keep coming down here. We cast and caught Dorado until our arms were about six inches longer. My buddy cast his tube Crease fly out and on his first cast he hooked and landed about a 30 pounder. What a beauty! I wasn't as lucky as he was with the big guys but I caught quite a few 5-15 pounders - the perfect size Dorado. I really think it was the same group we were on to yesterday - the fish were the same size and in the same area. We also found out this morning that a bait guy got a 50-pounder yesterday.
In the interest of full disclosure, we are finding fish in specific spots, and we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. We haven't seen any billfish and three days. If I were coming down here to fish now, I would bring lots of trolling flies to better our odds for success if the hunt doesn't present us with these large groups.

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