Dorado Galore Part 1

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Posted by Carl Blackledge on 2013-07-08 13:40:07

7/6: Today in Loreto was just off the hook for a few of us. The last few days had been from slow to down right nothing, including about the first hour today. Then we spotted two pangas that were bait fishing and all the fishermen were hooked up, so we went to investigate. Sure enough they were sitting on a sargasso patty with a brand new batch of Dorado, and it was off the hook for about a half an hour, and then, as if somebody turned off the switch, the fish were gone. My boat partner Gary and I caught about 6 each on cast tube Crease flies. We then went hunting with our Chicken flies for more Dorado. We each hooked another Dorado, but we didn't get any more Dorado hanging out with the two we caught. A short while later we spotted a few more pangas just like the first time and when we arrived at the new place I stood up on the bow and it was like a dream come true....DORADO everywhere! Baby, it was on - one fish after another! We only chummed a very few Sardines. One funny thing that happened - one of my 20-pound fish went right through the captain's net. I almost fell off the boat laughing! Every cast you could hook the perfect size fish - from 5 pounders to 25 pounders. I started cherry-picking which fish I wanted right off the bat, but that didn't always work. Sometimes when the fish spit the hook, a fish I didn't want would grab the fly. Sometimes you would get from two to eight bumps on one cast, and I'm telling you it was insane for a good two hours! We caught a few short of 50 landed fish all cast to with tube Crease flies or the Sardine flies; only two were trolled up. No billfish today, though. Too bad our buddies went in the opposite direction and got skunked (and of course they didn't believe our good fortune). It just must have been our day!

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