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Posted by Doug Jeffries on 2013-07-05 18:32:26 in reply to thanks and question posted by Steve P. on 2013-07-05 15:59:55

The last bit of lightning storm survival training I had said that if you are caught in the open, squat down but stay on your feet. Place any highly conductive equipment (such as fly rods, metal framed packs, etc) at least 50 feet away. Lightning can and will travel along the ground (check pro golfer Lee Trevino's lightning story) so sitting down or laying down exposes your main torso and vital organs. If there is a rocky or hard pan area, that's a better place to hunker down than a wet boggy area. Wood, especially when wet, will conduct electricity so a wooden deck doesn't guarantee protection any more than a wet aluminium hull or a wet seat cushion. Water is an excellent conductor so trying to stay or get as dry as you can is advisable. Bottom line is that lightning is such an instantaneous and massive release of energy that only being completely inside (which forms a Farraday cage around you to carry the jolt to ground rather than through you) is safe. All you can do is try to lessen the odds of getting bit.

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