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Posted by Jim Williams on 2013-07-05 15:53:20 in reply to Re: TFO Axiom vs BVK posted by Serge on 2013-07-05 11:59:58

I own several BVK rods and have also cast a few Axioms. First of all, I find the Axioms casts much better if uplined. In fact, one of my tarpon fishing buddies, who's a very fine caster, uplines his 9 weight Axiom to an 11 weight. I've tried it that way and think it actually works just fine. I'd probably upline by only one if I owned one, but like the TiCr and TiCrX, most people will prefer them uplined, especially for sight fishing. The biggest difference not directly alluded to yet is that the Axiom is considerably heavier than the BVK. Therefore, I find the BVK far more pleasant to cast. It's not a lifting rod so I don't use my 10 weight for muskies, nor for tarpon any more. I agree that a mid-level caster who can cast the whole line is a myth. If the entire fly line exits the tiptop, then you've completed approximately a 120' cast figuring a 100' line, ten foot leader, and the length of the rod. Only true expert casters can do that in fishing situations (as opposed to the lawn) with standard flylines.

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