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Posted by Craig on 2013-07-02 20:51:32 in reply to VERY interesting Bass behavior! posted by Jbird on 2013-07-01 12:58:18

I have a buddy that targets bass in shallow water where dragons oviposit eggs. As long as the dragons are flittering about over the water, we have noticed very big eyes looking up and analyzing the flight of the adult dragons. The bass time the dragon's activity and come completely out of the water to capture the dragons. My parter's dry fly action persists until all of the naturals are gone/consumed. Of course, this same fellow fished Kaufman's stonefly pattern because he read about it in Hanley's book on bass tactics. I don't have to tell you of his success. He didn't actually read Ken's book, he memorized it. Both Dave Whitlock and Hanley's book are referenced with page numbers when he is successful. Kudos to both Dave and Ken. When I get home after a day of fishing with this individual, I like to verify his references. Sure enough, the pages sighted are accurate.

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