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Posted by K.Hanley on 2013-07-02 17:25:23 in reply to Re: VERY interesting Bass behavior! posted by Honolulu Gator on 2013-07-02 17:03:46

Howdy Dan. If you are talking about using an adult dragon may I suggest that you don't let it sit in the water. They typically don't do that. Instead they dap the water for a drink or dip into the surface to deposit eggs (though some species actually dive to the bottom to do that as well).

You need to look for active feeding bass. That could be a bass tracking dragons as they dap-n-dip, bumping cover, or launching at a hovering target. My most successful times are when I keep the fly active with a touch-n-go series of presentations along an edge of green cover or into a pocket. But...I've had some sessions of open water bass eager to eat when the winds blew adult dragons out of the cover.'s a cool game to play. Experiment each day.
Cheers, Ken

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