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Posted by Doug Jeffries on 2013-07-01 15:22:21 in reply to VERY interesting Bass behavior! posted by Jbird on 2013-07-01 12:58:18

Pretty fascinating stuff. I don't bass fish enough to comment but I've seen similar behavior in other fish. I've watched bonefish smack floating mangrove leaves in order to knock off the tiny crabs that were riding on the leaves. Sounded almost like bluegill. A small crab landed close to the mangrove leaf drew a strike every time. Also watched a big bonefish follow a shag that was either too full or too lazy to fly away. Every stroke of the bird's big webbed feet stirred up a puff of mud and the bonefish would slide forward and check out the mud for food. We watched for maybe 20 yards and then couldn't resist throwing a cast at the next mud. Sure enough, the bone ate like a duck on a junebug. Along the beach at Los Roques you can watch the pelicans dive bomb the schools of glass minnows. As they tilt their heads back and syphon out the minnows a few escape. The bonefish that cruise the beach will rise all around the pelican catching those stunned glass minnows. Placing a cast right next to a diving pelican will get you an eat - just don't snagged the pelican because you become You Tube entertainment for your mates sitting along the esplanade sipping barley pops and cheering you on.

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