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Posted by Bill Bishop on 2013-07-01 14:29:27 in reply to Re: tarpon season posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-07-01 10:04:01


There is no question that something has changed. This isn't limited to just our Boca Grande fishery. Reports from all fisheries in Florida indicate behaviour of tarpon is different. Factors including boat traffic, weather patterns and fishing pressure could have a negative impact however I am concerned the highly aggressive tactics of those in Boca Grande Pass play a role as well. There is no question BGP is the hub of a very large wheel effecting all fisheries on Floridas west coast.

This season we have watched thousands of tarpon actually exit the pass due to a fleet of boats hoovering directly over mountains of fish and bombarding the tarpon with 4 oz jigs. Consider 75 boats with three active rods per boat gunning engines and pounding the tarpon with 225 jigs over and over again snagging the tarpon along the way. They simply left! Enough was finally enough.

None of us should believe this will fix itself. The tarpon will eventually fix it on their own. Every person on this board that cares about the future of our tarpon fisheries can get involved by wetting the FWC commissioners an e mail. Simply go to MYFWC commissioners and fill out the email form and ask them to vote yes to gear restriction in September.

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