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Posted by JJ on 2013-07-01 13:51:39 in reply to Titanium SiC inserts in Tip Top Guide posted by Earl on 2013-06-30 10:51:18

I am not sure if replacing ONLY top to Ti/SiC makes sense.
If you planned to change all of guides to Ti/Sic, I would have recommened to do so though.

I still prefer Ti/Gold Cerment over Ti/SiC for fly rods and all of my rods come with Ti/GC except one that has Fuji Ti/Ruby guides.

As Ti/GC is no longer available, I would used Ti/SiC for my next fly rods.

If you go with Ti/SiC top, make sure it is a real Ti one , not Ti "plated" one.
Ti "plated" one is essentially made of stainless, thus a bit heavy.(Not sure if we feel the difference though.)
In any case, all of a "pipe" of Fuji Ti "TOP" guide is made of stainless, so the pipe is not a corrosion free even if you buy the real Ti/Sic Top(the concept guide one).

One thing we should know about SiC is it can be "broken up", in other words, its shock resistance is not great.
That was the reason Fuji developped gold cermet and some of high-end bass fishing rods came with GC top guide and Sic guides the rest some time ago.
To be clarify, Sic is harder than any other materials except diammond but it is breakable/crackable.

I think it very rarely happens to Sic but if it hapens, it would be nightmare especially when fishing in the remote area.
For GC, the ring just comes off the frame if it happens, so we can quick fix by super glue as the ring is not likely broken.

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