VERY interesting Bass behavior!

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Posted by Jbird on 2013-07-01 12:58:18

I was out on a small lake yesterday and saw something really intriguing. For many years I have enjoyed good success with large dragonfly nymphs (both sub and surface) And spotty success with large adult dragon patterns. I have seen bass smack lillies clearly trying to capture the adult insects. This was happening to a degree yesterday, but what started happening around 11am under full sun was really cool. The Bass had moved into a 1-2' deep shoal and were in and around clusters of bullrush. These bass were launching their bodies into the air after the dragonflies that were landed on the reeds. It seemed evident they werent trying to snatch them, but rather knock them into the water. My reason for this theory is I could clearly see large bass leaping into the reeds and I could see their mouth was closed tight. Being the dragonfly pattern lover that I am, I had a couple weedless adult dragons on me. I had decent success blind casting back into the reeds. But if I could place a cast right after a bass had jumped, it was a sure bet! Making me further believe these fish would look for a casualty on the surface immediately after a jump.

It may have been the coolest thing Ive ever seen Bassin'. Just curious if you guys have witnessed this behavior. I'm in the upper midwest and dont recall seeing this anywhere before.


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