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Posted by BIll Bishop on 2013-06-29 18:31:52

While there are still plenty of tarpon moving about I arrived home today. Just another twenty or so good days left but good to bring this season to a close.

My skiff is still in the driveway hooked up to my pickup and needs plenty of TLC and will have to wait because heading off in the morning with four grandkids for the holiday to the east coast. NO FISHING ALLOWED!!! or wanted for that matter.

After 46 years of marriage with my high school sweetheart I have grown fond of the process and count my blessings everyday. I fished with a young fellow a few days ago who is right on the brink of marriage. He asks, " do you have any suggestions"? I responded, " don't ever allow yourself to become the TOTAL source of your wife's entertainment... when you are gone she aint gonna be happy"! If mamma aint happy... nobody is happy!

It is good to have this season in my wake. I would give it a 4 at best. Our tarpon have been beat up with the PTTS tournaments and more. They really aren't OUR tarpon but I call them that because we have become friends along the way. I hope things change in the future. Working my butt off on that but time will tell.

Anyway, home again and back to doing the stuff I do when the season is over and happy as a two year old baby at Walmart at midnight!!!

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