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Posted by GES on 2013-06-28 19:28:41 in reply to Rod/Casting accuracy and line matching posted by JC Smith on 2013-06-28 12:11:34

Well it seems that the preference of moat casters today, is for "fast" action rods. Some say the faster the better.

As a general rule, the faster a rod is, the shorter the section of the rod tip, that is involved in delivering the energy to the line.

We've all seen Lefty Kreh cast a whole line perfectly accurately with just the top half of the rod.

I once saw Lefty screw up at one of his demonstrations, and he accidently peeled off just the tip section quarter of the four piece rod he was using, and proceeded to cast the whole line perfectly accurately with that short piece of the rod.

Just on a hunch, I told Lefty, that I would bet he could cast the whole line perfectly, with no rod at all, and he admitted that he used to do that sometimes, back before he buggered up his arm.

In any case, if essentially only the tip quarter of a fast rod is actually doing anything, ( the bottom 3/4 being nothing but a stiff Woomera) to lengthen your arm, why would you suppose you need to "spine" anything but the tip.

And speaking of SAGE, I would bet that their top models, are less spiny than most other rods.

And no I am not going to tell you how I know that.

My casting is so poor, that I can't much tell how fast a rod is. Besides, I care more about how it fights a big fish.


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