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Posted by Richard on 2013-06-28 13:51:21 in reply to Re: Pink Salmon/ Whidby Island posted by Brian on 2013-06-24 17:01:24

Some other things to bring or consider:

Unless you are very robust, plan on bringing waders as the water is pretty chilly (at least to ol' wussy me), even in August.

Your fly selection can be pretty simple. Pink and white clousers, size 4 or so, and you're money. If you don't like casting clousers, a simple pink and white baitfish/streamer pattern works great, too. Oh, all hooks have to be barbless; it's a state law for the Puget Sound.

Leaders don't need to be intricate, as well. A straight 4 to 5 feet of 10 pound tippet on the end of your intermediate line will work fine; on a floating line, a 7.5 or 9' leader, whichever you prefer.

Reels: pinks rarely take much drag, so you don't need anything skookum. However, typical to salt, you never know what might bite your fly, and there are adult king salmon in the area at that time, so be mindful of your backing capacity.

Stripping basket: never leave home without it. The Puget Sound can get some pretty good-sized tide changes which, in turn, can cause some pretty quick flowing currents, and keeping your fly line out of the water is extremely usefuly for distance casting.

Pinks are pretty delicate fish, in many ways, and their scales come off quite easily. I encourage you to release them with minimal handling, if possible, and release them in the water without dragging them on the beach to pop out the fly. Though your flies will be barbless, forceps are tremendously helpful.

That's pretty much it!

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