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Posted by Ted Shuck on 2013-06-28 12:28:57 in reply to Rod/Casting accuracy and line matching posted by JC Smith on 2013-06-28 12:11:34

There are definitely accuracy differences between rods. A couple of years ago I bought two closeout Sage Xi2 8wt blanks and built one rod for my brother-in-law and one for myself. One my rod, I aligned the guides on the straightest axis defined by the dots that Sage puts on the blanks they sell. This is the way that Sage recommends their rods be built. On the other rod, I "spined" the blank to determine the direction where the bent blank aligns with minimal resistance. This is the way that is commonly recommended in rod building books. Casting both rods, back to back, the improved accuracy of the second rod is immediately apparent.

It seems obvious to me that if the direction that the rod wants to bend is not aligned with the direction of casting, accuracy will suffer. The rod will tend to twist and deform out of the plane of the cast.

Ideally, a rod blank will be perfectly symmetric with respect to bending deformation. Some rod blanks are much better than others. But, since graphite blanks are made by rolling a piece of cloth, we can not expect perfect uniformity in all directions.

Sage claims that their new One rod sets a new standard for accuracy. I suspect that they have made improvements in the uniformity of the graphite cloth distribution in the blank in order to achieve this.


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