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Posted by GES on 2013-06-28 00:54:21 in reply to Sage Introduces New Reel Design - the Evoke posted by Kara Armano - Backbone Media on 2013-06-26 12:04:36

Well I would have to actually fish one, to get a better read on it.

I don't doubt it has the usual SAGE quality of construction.

My hesitation rests on the "palming" question. The way the spool outside rim is open at the bottom, certainly means you can stick your palm there. But it does look quite narrow (the rim).

As to "fingering", I wouldn't want to put my fingers inside, with those holes close to the top. And the handle also looks like it could get your knuckles, if you tried fingering. (but not palming).

Which is why I said, I'd have to give it a whirl to really find out. But it could be all academic, if the drag is as good as they say. And I'm sure they put a lot of testing and thinking into it.

So it "Evokes" some interesting thoughts.


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