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Posted by Mel Jones on 2013-06-27 20:55:45

Need help identifing & recommendations for pattern to imitate. Will have to buy as I am not a fly tyer.
Last July on Yellowstone Lake I was out in my pontoon boat catching large 2 3/4 -5 lb cutthroat on a size 10 or 12 Irresistable(old flies, probably 20+ years old, in one of my fly boxes).
Caught these fish from late in the afternoon until dark.
Here's what I saw: the fish, a few not many, were coming to the surface & just sipping these bugs off the surface. Just saw an occasional bug. Sometimes there would be 4-10 visable at one time, scattered over a pretty wide area.
Got to watching real close & all of a sudden there would be a white/gray shell looking thing(is this a pupa?) floating on the surface. I kept watching & pretty soon, maybe 5 minutes or less & there was this light gray moth like thing sitting on the shell. Wings up like a mayfly but this thing was 3/4 - 7/8" long. Like I said it looked like a moth. After a few minutes the wings dropped down along the body, looked just like the biggest caddis I had ever seen. Another couple of minutes & off it flew. Of course not all of them flew off as the fish were eating them. I captured a few & showed them to a couple of old time fishermen who came down to my boat when I got to shore. They said they were spruce moths. Noway!! Spruce moths don't hatch from bottom of lakes. That gives you an idea of the size.
Went to local fly shop yesterday & told them about these bugs. They got out their bug book & the spotted sedge sure looked like what I saw.
Talked to a good friend of mine, over beers at the American Legion. He's an old fly tier/guide, last name being Ligas(maybe some of you remember Ligas Dubbing) & he said he was sure there were no spotted sedges in North America or maybe he said east of the Mississippi.
Can anybody help me identify?
Is there a pattern for these? The Irresistable is real close. It does not have the two long antenae & the elk hair body is bigger around towards the eye of the hook & tapers down towards the shank. Body need to be just the opposite, narow up front getting larger dia. toward the shank. Maybe just need a large caddis, size 6-8 as these bugs bodies were 3/4 - 7/8" long with the wings folded down & the antenae were at least as long as the body. With the bug sitting on a table the height of the wings, folded along the body, would have been 1/2', maybe a bit more, high at the end of the wings.Light gray in color but don't remember seeing any spots.

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