Hexagenia's at Davis Lake

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Posted by Rob Anderson on 2013-06-26 23:01:55

I have been fishing, guiding and running fly fishing outings for the last month at Davis lake. Davis has been really making a comeback the last few years after the the lake was poisoned to kill Pike that were illegally planted years ago. Davis is well known for it's Damsel fly hatch in June and huge Blood Midges almost all year. Sometime in the last two years Hexagenia Mayflies have been blown over from Lake Almanor, Butt Lake or somewhere else and taken a strong hold in Davis.

There is a tremendous hatch going on that started a couple of weeks ago. Last weekend I was at Davis hosting an outing. Jon Baiocchi and I had our guests get into the hatch on Saturday night. Here are a few pictures of maybe the first Rainbow Trout caught at Davis Lake on a Hex Dry during the NEW Hexagenia Mayfly hatch at Davis Lake. The future looks bright for Davis. Most of the bugs that were killed during the poisoning are making a comeback including snails and Damsels. Now we have Hex's as well. Exciting news for sure. If you are at Davis stay until dark - no I mean Dark Dark, and have some Hex emergers and Dries with you.

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