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Posted by LeeH on 2013-06-24 11:54:24

After extensive research I headed out for a weekend of flats fishing (DIY).

Day 1:
The first area required a long walk, but as I approached the flat, I could see a big tail waving back at me. Unfortunately, my next step spooked the fish so I was back on the hunt.
It didn't take long to locate another big fish feeding eagerly and after a number of casts, hooked and landed my first fish of the day-a fish of about 8 lbs.!
The high bank gave me a good angle to see the fish, in the stained water, and with many targets, I had plenty of opportunities!
However, it was the last fish of the day that really made the trip. This was a huge fish, around 15 lbs., at least 30" long, and a long cast was necessary to reach it. This flat had a strong current and the line drag kept me from getting the fly exactly where it was needed to fetch a strike. Finally, the brute turned on the fly and we were off the the races. With no way to get down the steep bank, I was forced to attempt coaxing this fish upstream, so I could release the fish. After 10 minutes, or so, the big fish found some structure and fight was over.

Day 2:
This particular area allowed for bike access, and I headed out on my mountain bike, with hopes of more flats action!
Although I intended to explore a fairly large water system, the fish were actually close to the car. There was a lot of spawing-type behavior, and most of the fish were not too interested in eating. However, after some time, I was able to feed two fish, and with a large open flat, easily brought these fish to hand. These fish were much larger than the customers I played with the day before, and I ended up with several great fish, the largest being about 15 lbs.

This weekend proved to be a huge success and exactly the type of fishing I enjoy-sight fishing on the flats. I had more shots at fish than I have ever had chasing permit, or redfish, and these fish were every bit as challenging!!!

Oh yea, I forgot to mention that "these fish" were carp, and this fishing was so much fun, it really put striper fishing in my rear view mirror, at least for the summer.

What a great gamefish, and to think that I had these fish all to myself. In fact, I didn't see even one person.

Can't wait to explore more untapped flats fishing.


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