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Posted by Kyle M. on 2013-06-24 10:31:38 in reply to 1st aid in the boat posted by Bill Siler on 2013-06-24 09:45:54

Did almost the exact same thing morning on the Norfork River in Arkansas when I met a fly fisher who was impaled.

He'd picked up an large, illegal, weighted, "snagging hook" off the bottom of the river. As he threw it away, the length of mono attached to the hook somehow "hung", and the hook whipped around and embedded itself deeply into the back of his arm just above the elbow.

I popped out the hook (on 2) and he didn't even feel its removal...

I now teach this hook removal technique to all the scouts in my son's boy scout troop. I have them practice with hooks deeply embedded in a pork loin roast. The loin roast has a sinuous layer just under the fat cap that will snag the hook, if you don't use the proper technique...

To keep things cleaner, I leave the plastic wrap on the roast. Plus, ya' can still cook and eat the roast!

Every fisherman should practice this... just to get the "feel" of the technique...

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