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Posted by Bill Siler on 2013-06-24 09:45:54

Got up yesterday at 4:00 a.m., looked outside and the wind is howling pretty good. Dragged my 17 y/o son out of bed, go pick my buddy up and head to the Sacramento River. Most of the bait guys go home by mid-May so I figured we would have the river to ourselves and might find a few stripers. As we are driving through the Sutter Buttes we come around the corner and I just miss a deer standing in the road. A couple of miles later a deer comes out of no where and runs right in to my passenger door, leaving some nice scuffs.
We arrive at the ramp at Ward's Landing and my buddy comments on how the wind is really howling. My son just shrugs and says "whatever". Three years at The Fly Shop's fish camp have taught my son to handle a 12 wt. as good as many with a 6 wt. My son Kyle and my budding start throwing as I stay on the trolling motor. I warn Kyle to pay attention to the wind but again he just shrugs. About 30 minutes in a hear a "whack" and Kyle says a fly is stuck in his hat. I examine the 2/0 clouser on an EC413, not in his hat but buried to the bend in the side of his head just above his left ear. Most of us find a little pain in others funny, but this one unfortunately was not. I made a loop from 40lb. mono and slipped it over the hook and told my buddy to press the eye of the hook down. I told Kyle to get ready I would "pop" it out on 3. Of course I yanked on 2. Not only did the clouser come out it flew 10 feet out the back of the boat. A little 1st aid and we were back fishing.
I had only read about this technique and had never tried it before. For those not familiar with it search hook removal on youtube. I learned that Dacron works better than mono, and loop 2-3 half hitches around the hook. This will keep the line closer against the skin and at a better angle, along with keeping you from flinging your fly into the water. We boated a few fish and didn't have to make a trip to Urgent Care.
I had a camera, GoPro and 3 camera phones in the boat. I could have taken some pics and videoed the extraction. But fearing my wife yelling how I "allowed" her baby to get hurt, all I could think about was getting the hook out. Learn this technique, it works!

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