1st Surf Striper, Thanks to Loren's help!

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Posted by James on 2013-06-23 23:04:16

Got My first striper in the surf today thanks to Loren. Fished with him a couple weeks ago, and got some killer tips. There was a bit of swell and I just started using a 8/9 Beulah surf rod and it was frustrating, especially after watching Loren cast. So I called him, and he was nice enough to meet me at the ponds, and spend maybe 20 minutes ( that's all it took, very good at breaking it down )And so I went to a little spot in the bay, to practice while it was very fresh in my head. WOW! Now I can throw this big fly and turn it over. So spent the weekend with the wife, knowing the waves are flat, it's foggy and light wind. Finally, the green light! 3rd cast! Line ins in a knot/tangle! Backed all the way up the beach to land it, the whole time praying, " Please don't pop off " Landed it, maybe 6# and big, but I'll be there at dark thirty tomorrow.
Now how do I post pic's?

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