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Posted by Peter Patricelli on 2013-06-23 22:20:42 in reply to Re: New Sage Aluminum Multi Rod Tube & TSA ? posted by bhorsley on 2013-06-23 18:55:16

Last year I was flying to FL and bringing some equipment for my flats boat. The TSA people pulled me out because I had a short, collapsible lug wrench in my carry-on. "Could be used as a club", I was told.

The guy behind me was 6-5, walked with a slight limp, and used a cane that was about as think around as your rod case, as heavy as my lug wrench and 2 feet longer...the absolute incarnation of a serious CLUB.

"Why does HE get on with THAT? THAT is a real club!", I asked.

"Because THAT is a cane....and canes are allowed." He even shrugged.

I managed to refrain from pointing out to the TSA man his can filled with many days worth of confiscated, potentially explosive but disguised toothpaste, hairgel, and sunblock, enough in one place to take out the whole airport...last time I did that it did not go well...... recommendation is.....put a handle on one end of your rod case...a cane tip on the other....and limp a little. Or learn Spanish and carry a pocket full of 20's.

Let us know how it works out.

Peter Patricelli

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