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Posted by bhorsley on 2013-06-23 18:55:16 in reply to New Sage Aluminum Multi Rod Tube & TSA ? posted by Art V on 2013-06-23 14:41:24

i travel to Guatemala twice a yr and Baja twice a year. Coming home from Guatemala it is tough to carry on rods. Baja has me really confused --some of my groups have no problems but others in the same group get called on the carpet and have to check them --this is with the same airline and same security. Got me

Guatemala is much easier much nicer folks--last winter one of my guys had a pelican case with two camera bodies--you are only allowed one. The office told him just to check professional gear next time and sent him on his way. Baja they jumped me hard about my cameras four bodies but two were my wife's. Baja i just smile and have a pocket full of 20s.

I check everything or have a way to check it when you get turned down. It is very inconsistent. I chose not to argue and just check my tackle.

do not know about the aluminum tube.

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