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Posted by David Dempsey on 2013-06-21 11:45:06 in reply to Re: Random Thoughts on the Bay Delta Plan posted by JoergO on 2013-06-19 14:47:10

A good article by Glen Martin who used to write for the Comical--I mean Chronicle ;-) showed on Huffingtons post under "Environment".

I think, however, that by using the power of social media, we just might be able to turn the tide on this one. It's a fraud that crosses all political boundaries. My Tea Party friends (all three of them :lol) are incensed at the costs (now spiralling out of control even though a shovelful of dirt has yet to be moved). My moderate friends are more than annoyed that they will be subsidizing--with their tax money-- MORE cheap water for these pretend family farms and corporate agribusiness while watching their jobs fade away (especially anyone tied to the Delta or fishing). It's not like these guys don't already have enough loopholes and bogus write-offs that we have to bail them out with cheap and easy water...

Meanwhile we are witnessing the wholesale destruction of the Delta and pretty much everything that lived in or near it--or swam through it, unless you count the Frankenfish, carp and pikeminnow...

I've been on the sidelines: The house I am building and my health have derailed me. I sadly only get to fish maybe 4 times a year instead of 4 times A WEEK--but I knew I had to speak up and rally whatever anti-canal/anti-tunnel sentiment I could after seeing the explosive growth of newly planted acreage happening both north and south of the Delta. Where do these (Dan doesn't like the kind of language I would normally use to describe these people) "clowns" think the water is going to come from???

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