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Posted by Charlie Bisharat on 2013-06-20 11:36:50 in reply to Re: Has the quality of EC413 jig hook changed? posted by George Glazener on 2013-06-20 10:19:59


I am so pleased to know that your health issues are behind you. It made my chest tight knowing that you were struggling with all that stuff last year.

When I was not so damn busy, I used to tie all of Shane Hardens flies for him that he used with his clients. The idea of a jig hook that was so affordable and available in so many useful sizes,had both of us dancing in the streets. Our joy was short lived during the first season when his clients started dropping fish and the fly repeatedly came back with a totally opened gap. If memory serves me correctly,( and it may not as I played a lot of football and looked out the ear hole of my helmet way to many times) Bill Kiene, a regular on this board, lost a personal best type of fish, to a failed 413 while fishing with Shane.

That said, you and I are 100% aligned in the feeling that for the average guy who chases, LMB,SMB trout, wipers etc, the 413 is a great choice. Those species usually won't have the horsepower to open a 413 in almost every case. The only exception being perhaps if the fish gets wrapped around some structure or heavy weeds and needs to be, "extracted".

As I said, you can't beat the configuration of the 413. I enjoyed tying on it. There seemed to be a lot of different ways to make your fly behave based on where the weight was located and how the materials, particularly the wing materials, where placed.

George, keep up the good work with staying healthy and I hope you "hook up" often.

Cheers Chas

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