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Posted by Charlie Bisharat on 2013-06-20 08:35:02 in reply to Re: Has the quality of EC413 jig hook changed? posted by George Glazener on 2013-06-19 17:28:03


I hope you are well . I have seen some recent photos of you spinning your fun meter catching one species of fish or another. So glad to see you out there doing your thing. You are inspiring for me to be certain.

I doubt that you can beat the shape and configuration of the EC 413 but in my experience , it has failed far too often for my taste.

In still water and fishing from a boat type of a situation, the likelihood of a failure is greatly reduced. However, from that almost perfect scenario, the hook gets less and less effective as additional situational constraints are put on its structural integrity and metallic make up.

Perhaps the worst possible situation is a wading type of venue where strong fish, structure and moving water are a part of the equation. Shane Harden who is a striper guide here in Nor Cal has had many EC 413 hooks open up in the river systems catching schoolie and larger stripers from a boat. Relatively strong current is the death of the 413 in fresh water and the shear strength and power of many salt water fish can be too much for it as well.

I think some of the other hooks that are available, Owner, Gamakatsu, Targus, Mustad, etc offer more consistent quality and therefore lessen the chance of a hook failure. To me, it is just not worth chancing it when you know there have been many reported cases of a given hook failing. You would hear a single gun shot in the blue boat if I lost a fish of a lifetime using a hook that I knew could easily fail. Grin........

Cheers Chas

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