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Posted by Craig on 2013-06-19 13:23:39 in reply to Re: Coho fishing in saltwater with fly rod posted by Len Hunter on 2013-06-19 10:27:42


If you plan to be on the Tsiu, I don't see you targeting fish in the salt. If the silvers are stacked up to the back of the holes along the Tsiu, the sheer aggressiveness of the migrating fish will attack a popper. The river is interesting as it is only a couple of miles long as it parallels the shoreline along the ocean and was running south as opposed to the De Lorme map when we were there. Stick with the Spankers as they were excellent in the tidal flats areas of Icy Bay for a buddy when he fished there with Jake Jordan years back. They worked well on moving water also. If the silvers are not that thick on the river, they won't attack the popper. The river is wide and very shallow with the exception of the main channel that bends and curves its way to the river mouth. The silvers will be in the channel. You can easily cast across the channel and swing flies to anything holding. Those silvers will track the fly from the entry point across the river to the near shore, if they don't grab. We felt that the guides were there primarily to protect the clients from bears. At the end of the day, they would haul them back to the lodge in a trailer attached to an ATV.

The surrounding area is very scenic. We never saw it though because the weather was socked in with low ceilings from inclement weather. Our pilot warned us when we landed on a bluff overlooking the river that he might not be able to pick us up if the weather got any worse and then asked if we had extra food and clothing along. What, we were there for just the day? When the fog rolled in mid day and we figured we might be there for longer than anticipated. Luckily the ceiling held, the fog blew out, and we were picked up. From where we fished, we could see the mouth of the river, but never had a desire to fish closer to the salt as we were into fresh incoming silvers. As the tide came in so did the surf at the river mouth. I would definitely go back in a heart beat. You will have a blast.

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