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Posted by Richard on 2013-06-18 17:50:56 in reply to Re: Coho fishing in saltwater with fly rod posted by Brian on 2013-06-17 21:41:46

Brian speaks big medicine; he puts in a lot of time on the water here in the NW, and catches more than his fair share of coho while he's fishing from the beach ...

I've trolled (bucktailed is what it's called in Canada, ay?) for coho off Vancouver Island and in the Strait of San Juan De Fuca, just at the Pacific Ocean interface with the Strait. Bucktailing can be a hoot, and is a great way to find/locate fish.

Keep your fly very close, in the prop wash, so maybe 20' behind the boat. Your fly should be juuuust subsurface, and pop out every once in a while, adn almost skip along. Trolling speed is at a pretty good clip, say 5 knots or so. The hits are usually very aggressive, and often seemingly come out of nowhere. Keep your rod in the rod holder, because if you (the rhetoric "you") hold the rod there is a tendency to give a big hookset when you feel the fish, often missing the fish. You'll get many more hookups if you leave the rod in the rod holder.

The leaders (if a person can even call them that) can be a very short; I typically use maybe a 4' chunk of 25# Maxima Ultragreen. These fish are not leader shy, and the 25 will help minimize breakage. You'll also be able to set your drag a wee bit tighter than you might normally, which also helps set the hook.

Keep a rod rigged for casting so once you find the fish you can cast to them.

Stingers are definitely helpful when trolling flies for coho.

Flies can be pretty good sized. If you tie up something that is Deceiver-like, with a stinger, you're in the money. Olive over white, blue over white, pink over white, chartreuse over white, chartreuse over pink - those are all great color combos.

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