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Posted by David Dempsey on 2013-06-18 17:08:45

(from something I wrote on Facebook)

I'm stewing--over a mealy mouthed article that recently appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle by our illustrious (well, maybe not) new director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Charlton Bonham.

Could it--the article--have possibly been more wishy washy--the sure sign of a state employee afraid to bite the hand that feeds him? Full of conjecture, "what if's" and "maybe", the article tiptoes around the sad fact that water in California is over-allocated and truly a scarce and increasingly precious commodity. The only thing that can truly save the Delta--and our fisheries--is to leave water where it belongs: In OUR rivers. We saw this on the Trinity River where it took years of court battles and 27 regulatory agencies to eventually come to the same conclusion: Fish need water...

Fish--and wildlife-- need water far more than the corporate agribusinesses (also often known as tax shelters) need another handout or subsidy --or water paid for by taxpayers. Fish need water far more than we need to pollute our aquifers with the fouled water left behind from fracking.

I might even be for progress--and leveling the trade imbalance with China and maybe even generating additional tax revenues but NOT by subsidizing crops grown for export with water that is so desperately needed elsewhere...

Anyways, the article fails to address what and where any water from the multi billion dollar boondoggle known as the Peripheral Tunnel might end up; it carefully avoids any question of dual conveyance (which loosely means twice as much water can be stolen from the Delta) or any talk of rolling back diversions to something reasonable like, say 1980 levels (not that those were especially sustainable to begin with) and asks "What if" one time too many...

What if my ass spurted chocolate chip cookies and monkeys sprouted wings? What if state employees and legislators actually spoke up for a change--and did and said what is truly right?

What if???

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