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Posted by K.Hanley on 2013-06-18 10:42:42 in reply to Re: Coho fishing in saltwater with fly rod posted by Len Huntef on 2013-06-18 09:39:35

Say hey Len,
Gotta love wading in the estuary game! SE Alaska is a magnificent place to explore. I've been going every year (since '91) to work the inside passage of Chatham Straight.

Chasing the silvers along the kelpbeds before they enter the estuaries is my bliss. That's one smokin' hot and chrome brilliant gamefish.

I usually have two rods with a 350 gr. custom sink tip (RIO Outbound or Striper line) and one with a floating/Int setup.
Cheers, Ken

PS: You guys might enjoy viewing my old DVD "Saltwater Salmon on the Fly." It's an oldie but goodie and you could probably find it on EBay for pennies.

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