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Posted by DennisV on 2013-06-17 23:24:40

We had a fun trip to the Keys this year, in spite of the sketchy weather Justin Duggan mentioned in his earlier posts. We anchored up at various spots along the edges and shallow channels of the Pigeon Key flats when wind and visibility conditions allowed, but did not see a lot of fish. There were a handfull of different guides working the area off and on but we never saw them hook up either. In four separate sessions I had 5 shots and zero eats total.
When the weather kicked up, we reverted to conventional gear and did pretty well on the Tarpon. Landed 1, leadered 2, LDR'd one after about 15 min., and jumped 4 others, all around the Seven Mile Bridge. We also got a nice Black Grouper and a Mutton Snapper that my wife enjoyed preparing many different ways and we ate like royalty. Some Jacks and three bull sharks kept us busy also.
No tarpon on the fly but that's ok. Give's me something to look forward to next year.
The fist pic shows the squall on 6/12 Justin was alluding to in his Thanks Florida post. 10 minutes after that pic was taken, it was blowing 30-35 from the north. Nasty !

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