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They are definitely cracking down on items being brought into country. But they are not checking everyone. I flew into los cabos in April and even though I got the "green light" they still checked my bags. Fortunately, I have all my fishing rods, reels, lines stored in La Paz. But I was questioned about all the flies. I told them that I was staying for 58 days. I saw one guy being questioned about all the rods and reels he was bringing in. They were all conventional reels and rods and in a big bazooka tube. He was yelling and using words that aren't going to help get you through customs.
As for fishing, we had plenty of bait but had to travel most of the time up the island to get in. But after last year not having any bait, we didn't care how far the boat ride was. Most every morning we would see a lot of boats from the East Cape coming up for bait. The cruisers would go out towards the "88" and probably troll there way back. The panga's would stay and fish around the island then get more bait and head towards the beach for the roosters. Most would leave around10:30am for the long ride back to the East Cape. The dorado fishing was tough but my last two weeks there, some of my people hooked up on quite a few big bulls. We fished at the buoys a couple different times and I "ranchero'd" two big bulls. One guy caught a 48lb dorado and his partner landed a 20lb dorado. Both fish were weighed on a certified IGFA scale.


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