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Posted by Vic M on 2013-06-16 22:23:59

My brother Mike and I just returned from a trip to the east cape and both of us were fined for excess equipment. The Los Cabos customs agents are now xraying luggage so its hard to sneak it by them. We were fined $25 each for one extra reel. We have been fishing in Baja 25+ years and this is the first time we have ever had an issue with excess equipment. The amount wasn't so bad, but it took forever to pay the fine (pesos) and clear customs. Its good thing the xray operator didn't catch all our gear. It would have been really expensive. The rule is 4 rods and 4 reels max.

Bait is very scarce on the east cape and there are no sardinas period. We had to run to Cerralvo Island the first two mornings which took about 90 minutes. A north east wind came up on day 3 so the guide recommended making an attempt. We finished the trip around the southern Punta Arena light house in the morning and outside in pm.

The fishing was ok, but dorados were very scarce. The weather was beautiful topping out at 80 degrees with low humidity and generally light winds.

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