Jig Hook UDF Bass Bug

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Posted by George Glazener on 2013-06-16 19:16:14

When Dusty Abney’s UDF deer hair bass bug was developed, he sent me a couple or so to try out and they performed as well or better than any deer hair bass bug I have ever fished. They would come through thick brush without a hang-up and run on top of heavy aquatic vegetation. I encouraged Dusty to submit his bass bug to Dan and it is now posted on the Hot Fly Page.

Knowing the advantage of the “lever” effect of 60-degree bend jig hooks, I have tied Jig Hook UDF deer hair bass bugs and they have proved very effective.
Most bass have been caught in the corner of the mouth.

With recent popularity of bass fishing on the fly, and recent bass fly fishing tournaments around the country, I believe that the Jig Hook UDF deer hair bass bug will be a very effective addition to the bass fisherman’s arsenal.


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