Lake Casitas Largemouth Bass on a gurgler.

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Posted by Clay Takaya on 2013-06-15 13:22:01

Last week I was visiting my Dad in Ojai and hired guide Mark Mitrany to take me out on Lake Casitas in his bass boat for the morning. Wow did ever see a lot of schools of threadfin shad all over the lake. The problem was that there were no bass eating them!

Got a 2 lb. bass on a white gurgler and a 3 lb fish on an olive 1/0 clouser. Unfortunately, I got brainlocked on the schools of shad and should have tried a lot of other flies like wooly buggers. I am just learning about LM bass fishing and if any of the experienced posters here have suggestions, I'm all ears. I'd like to fish Casitas again - except smarter.

BTW, we could see a lot of big fish swimming around in the shallows and even the guide couldn't get them to bite with his bass lures.

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