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Posted by Bob Laskodi on 2013-06-12 10:29:33 in reply to O`Neill Forebay - San Luis Res - today... posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-06-11 19:19:53

Nice running into you out there on the Little Louie Dan! We ended the day around 1:30 PM with around 30 fish to the boat. Mostly smaller fish, with a few bigger specimens up to 4 pounds. It was mostly a fish here and there grab, but we did find one large pod of fish in which we racked up some big numbers with numerous doubles and lotsa action (and lotsa laughs!). The weeds are just starting to come in, but the classic Little Louie weed wall is still not present. As Dan said, smaller & sparser flies were the ticket, and a baitfish imitation tyed with DNA Holofusion out fished everything by a wide margin (see pic). The hot color was a mix of Iron Blue and Purple over Polar White. Like Dan, one of my favorite colors is chartreuse and light blue over white, but my buddy kicked my butt with the blue/purple fly and I had to switch to that later in the day because he was outfishing me 2:1!!!
Now for the launch ramp warning. The lake is currently at 415 feet. The Ranger said that is Stage 1 Low Water and the lake is scheduled to go down to Stage 3 which is minimum pool in order to do work on the dam. Big boats (like mine!) will have difficulties launching at 415 feet. The concrete launch pad at Dino is below the lake level right now, and you must launch off the ramp into mud. At Basalt, the concrete launch ramp is right at lake level, but your trailer will be launching into mud. I decided against launching at both ramps even though I have a 4WD truck. Smaller boats are probably OK to launch if you have 4WD, but if your running a 20' boat with a big heavy V-6 engine (like me!), I won't recommend it. Launching at the Forebay is fine, with plenty of water and concrete pad and no 4WD is needed.

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