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Posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-06-12 05:51:26

My buddy Glenn stopped by to see our new house. My first visitor who came by boat. The dock looked great with two tricked out Egrets tied to it. The obvious big benefit of being a local is Peek a Boo fishing. So with a clear window and no storms hovering over the island Glenn offered to take me to a Permit spot. I was jazzed since Permit are on my bucket list and I rarely see them when out on my own.I learned the reason I rarely see them is you have to know what to look for. This little bay we were in had produced for him many times in the past. Today was no different. We shut down and within five minutes he pointed to the east and said look at those Permit, where, I said? I did not see them. Right there, he said pointing, I still did not see them. In my own defense it was late in the afternoon around 5pm and the sun angle was making it difficult to see. Finally I picked up the sickle type dorsal fins heading our way. It was then I realized I did not have a crab fly with me. I quickly tied on a small tan Last Supper and put it in front of the first one. The fish turned on the fly and grabbed it and just as quickly spit it before I could set the hook...My first failure. It was a great moment. I decided to sit and watch and get used to looking for these elusive fish. After a few minutes of study I started "to see" them. I refrained from casting to watch the movements of the Permit. Sitting there looking around with fish tailing, the beauty of the storm clouds that were now hovering overhead caught my attention. The clouds are our mountains here in Florida. Watching the changing patterns and colors at sunset is something I cannot resist. The Permit left, a pod of Dolphin came by to check us out,the storm arrived and it was time to go. We stopped at a Tarpon spot on the way home and saw a large Bull shark being followed by a school of jacks and blue runners. Glenn cast a plug at them and hooked a blue runner. The shark turned and grabbed that unlucky fish and put a serious bend in the little spinning rod. All heck broke lose with jacks and runners acting like they were at a rodeo. The shark let go of the runner leaving deep tooth marks across the body of the fish. Just like that it was over. With darkness setting in we headed for the dock. No Permit yet but now I have high hopes.

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