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Posted by Nick Auyong on 2013-06-04 11:15:49 in reply to Gotta Love Northern California! posted by Bill Montgomery on 2013-06-02 15:29:09

This is a story of another lost rod, an incredible good samaritan, and unbelievable luck on our part. Three years ago while fishing in Utah, a fishing buddy landed a large rainbow and found a large pheasant tail streamer in it's lip from a previous break off. He came by me and gave me the fly. A couple weeks later, another fishing partner lost his new 9 ft. Z Axis while pontooning. Enter the good samaritan. He found the rod (just saw the exposed tip). He puts it in the lost and found papers in Cedar City and Saint George and the owner just has to describe the rod, where lost, when, etc. Another fishing partner sees the ad and informs the owner. Owner goes to the person's house in Cedar City and confirms that it's his rod. Good guy takes him down to his basement and shows him pictures and mounts of huge fish caught in Utah lakes and reservoirs. Then he shows him the fly he uses and gives him a fly. Since I'm the fly tyer in our group, he sends me the fly. Now here comes the unbelievable part..... it's the exact same fly my buddy gave me of the broken off hook two weeks earlier. Over the last two seasons, it has been our number one streamer fly for fish at Henry's, Island Park, and Daniel's in Idaho and waters in Utah.

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