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Posted by Tom Karrow on 2013-06-02 19:26:42

i have for years, used, abused and endorsed plastic eyes for flies over other 3D prismatic types. I MUCH prefer their appearance and added slight weight, not too mention their phenomenal durability.

My primary source of these eyes has been through Puglisi as well as Wapsi. Between the two, I have had access to about 5 colors in a good number of sizes... until now.

I little while ago, I posted about accessing these eyes and Dan was good enough to get back to me. Since then, I have done some searching and have come across an online e-retailer that sells them in a ton of colors...

ETSY.COM is a site that allows crafter to create an online marketplace for selling their wares. Searching ETSY,m I found Clara who sells exactly the typs of eyes that I am after, EP uses and many use for their bass bugs (seen in the nice photos in a recent post by Dan B.)

Check her out, check the eye assortments out and check these eyes out if you have not already!!

As for use... these eyes come in a plastic post. MOST of the time, I cut these off and attach the eye using marine goop. I have RARELY had eyes come off despite hundreds of flies, dozens of fish and in some cases years/seasons of use. Posts can also be cut and the filed in half. Two eyes can then be glued together in the flat filed side of the post allowing for application in the form of dumbells. Finally, in some cases (like foam poppers) I simply trip the plastic post a bit and then push it into the popper head.

I all cases, these eyes are great!


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