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Posted by Bill bishops on 2013-06-02 04:58:04 in reply to Re: Lower Keys Tarpon Report… posted by DennisV on 2013-06-01 18:38:04

Hard east wind finally stopped and fish everywhere along coastal bars of Boca Grande. Some are chewing but most are difficult to feed. Water clarity is the key. Finding stained water on outgoing tides where inland rains are swept into gulf ect. We are now seeing some pigs. 150 lb fish . I've seen a few worth taping.
On another note FWC meeting on jig issue is around the corner on June 12. Trying to require hook placement below the weight to stop snagging in pass.
This has become a very hot issue here and lots of emotion and anger involved. Given 74 percent of jig hooked fish are hooked in areas outside the mouth their position is difficult to defend but getting commission to react is a slow process because some feel government should not be involved in dictating fishing techniques. The fact is that snagging tarpon isn't an ANGLING technique. It is snagging and bypasses the core process of enticing the fish to strike the lure.

The good news is this go around our commissioners are plugged in and wanting all the data from both sides to get to the truth. I admire the effort they make.

Good luck on your poons and will arrive in keys on June 15 or 16 for Gold Cup. Send some of those worms up here. One male and female should suffice.

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