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Actually now that I recollect, the reel I paid $150 for, was NOT the DD Mark-I fly reel; it was the Salmon model of the AR design, a scaled down version of the AR Tarpon reel that Dan has. And that was the ONLY Seamaster fly reel that I actually bought in a retail fly shop. I believe the shop name was the Millpond, in Los Gatos California, and I simply walked into the store, and there was the reel displayed in the window, so I wrote out my check and walked out with that reel.

The rest of my Seamaster reels were bought directly from Bob McChristian at his "factory" on Le Jeune road in Miami.

I got no special deals either on price or on availability/delivery, and didn't ask any of my contacts/friends like Capt'n Nat Ragland; well he couldn't get one for himself.

I placed my orders, and I waited my turn.

Besides that orphan Salmon reel, I got three AR Tarpon reels, the AR Marlin reel, A Mark-I, two Mark-IIs, two Mark-IIIs, a Mark-III wide, and a Mark IV. 12 reels in all.
One Tarpon, one Mark-II, and one Mark-III I bought for a fishing buddy. He simply paid me the list price I paid.

There was one slight consideration that might have influenced my success in buying the reels.

Each year I went down to the Keys to fish with Nat, I had to build in an extra whole day, to drive down to Le Jeune road, and spend the whole day yakking with Bob McChristian in his shop/factory; well about anything that he had an interest in. I never actually picked up any of the reels while I was there; I always had to wait until whenever they arrived at my house.

I know I visited him at least 12 times. It was over ten years elapsed time from ordering the first, to receiving the last. Mac had his own way of doing things.

I did get Nat's help in obtaining one of my fly reels. He got me my John Emery reel; which was listed retail for $250; just about the first of the "big" fly reels. I paid $125 for that; I think it is number 84.

I actually had a chance to buy a good condition, used original S-handle AR Seamaster; for $350. Well I actually did buy it; but the chap shipped it US mail uninsured, and it vanished off the planet. I should have just told him to give it to Nat, to hold till my next trip.

I still have the full set of Mark reels, plus one Tarpon AR.
The Salmon, Marlin and second Tarpon, were all sold; the latter to a North Carolina State Senator (not US). He was a Democrat, so I should ask for that one back.

They were all fished; I don't buy trinkets to dream over.

Craftsmen like Mac, and the late Jack Charlton, are sadly too few and far between. They have given us so much.


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