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Posted by JJ on 2013-05-22 20:22:21 in reply to Re: Made in Korea posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-05-22 00:18:43

Dan You are tracking correctly on this topic.

I did read some article based on Jack Charlton's interview and he clearly mentioned one of improvement from Charlton to Mako is that.

According to Jack Charlton, Mako's drag knob is smooth at higher drag power range because

1. Mako's waterproof seal is smaller than Charlton's
2. Mako's clutch plate is bigger than Charlton's
-Each clutch plate has "buttons" made of carbon.
-# of required clutch plates is increased according to a size of the reel.

3. Pressure applied to the clutchs of Mako is smaller than Charlton.

3 is the main reason for Mako's drag knob rotates smoother than Charlton's at higher drag range.

Well, this feature may not be directly important for drag performance but I guess it help extending its drag life-span.

Another improvement Jack mentioned in the article is automatic drag calibration feature that I think Sage's reel has the same feature but Charlton doesn't.

>Now I don't like a disk drag (or any drag) that ramps up too fast - like a half turn of the nob gives you damned near full drag. Eventually though, the drag nob will get very tight if I'm trying to obtain full drag pressure.

Agreed as I mentioned similar thing in my earlier post on this topic.

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