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Posted by Kirk Dietrich on 2013-05-21 15:15:24 in reply to Too much bait or just the wrong fly? posted by henry cowen on 2013-05-18 06:52:44

Henry, that was a great video and some groovy music that was much appropriate. Anyway, you said that the dock fishing had been sensational, well, unless you get new fish in there, those fish are going to get full. You know like after a Thanksgiving meal.
I experienced that once with redfish, they were all over a few ponds but would not eat anything. When I got home, I asked a guide friend of mine about those reds not eating; he said those ponds have been full of brown shrimp and the reds in there had been gorging themselves for days and they were just plain ole full just lazily cruising around digesting what they had eaten. His advice was I should have went and looked for some ponds with less fish/bait and I would have had a better chance of finding fish that hadn't been able to gorge for days and would still be a little hungry.
Good video.

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