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Posted by Max Garth on 2013-05-20 03:25:15 in reply to Re: Made in Korea posted by GES on 2013-05-19 11:25:08

Looking at the Chinese, Korean and Japanese product, in local Tackle Shops its a bit hard to understand how they are looking better than the American ones at half the USA price.
I do a test on fly reels, on which is based my attitude about fly reels generally, and which is related to spool holes. I put 20lb GsP braid through a few of the spool holes, apply tension and drag the line to and fro.
The best result yet achieved is 12 rubs from a SA Shelton reel and the absolute worst is from a very expensive American made top notch thing. Like the braid lasted 2 rubs and looking at the finish on the spool it was obvious that "who cared".
I do not own a fly reel with spool holes, American or otherwise, and never will, again, if they make it from gold.
I am not very smart but when I looked at the finish on those spool holes through a pretty good magnifying glass I kind of got a little sus about holes in spools generally. Its related to the fact that its harder to clean up the spool AFTER its been bored from the inside of the spool. The outside is a snack, but the inside is a pure bugger. Just think about it, and your backing line is hard up against those badly finished holes.
I use GsP braid in 49lb and its loaded onto the spool at high tension, as every reel loaded with GsP should be. And I then looked at the result of holes in spools and decided to
give up on holes in spools.
You can laugh all you want but I'll bet I never have a problem with spool holes. The weight reduction of those holes is minimal, and does NOT effect the casting of the rod, but the extra weight of NO holes has a positive effect when tangling with fish.

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