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Posted by JJ on 2013-05-18 23:18:11 in reply to Re: Made in Korea posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-05-18 11:50:08

>I think JJ was alluding to the pricing of those reels, feeling they shouldn't be as expensive as they are.

Yep, that was my point.
I believe the labor cost is much cheaper in Korea than in US and japan.
See below for as one example.

I also think the cost of materials is a small part of the reel price.

I wouldn't say that the quality of the reel is a problem.

Even though I am a big fun of Sage, I don't like how they are selling the reel.
I couldn't find out that the reel is made in Korea from their web. Also they just put a tiny sticker on the reel indicating where the reel is made.I think they may feel guilty about doing so.
If they are proud of made-in-Korea, why not they engrave so on the reel?
It's quite easy to peel off the tiny sticker and after that, there is no evidence that the reel is made in Korea.

Again, I am not saying the quality of the reel is an issue.
I am quite happy to buy the reel at mid $300, it's good deal for me.

By the way, I just found feature(not performance) of the drag is not the same as Mako's.
The drag knob is getting tighter when increasing the drag power. This is same as Charlton though.
Mako's drag knob is smooth at every drag power level as Mako 's drag uses more carbon than others.

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