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Posted by Craig on 2013-05-18 20:05:54 in reply to Re: Belize with Excellent Adventures posted by Greg Mau on 2013-05-18 12:14:08

Greg, Funny you should mention mud cleats. I picked up a pair today. Next on the list is flies with the good hooks. I already have the eye appointment and visual training scheduled so I can see the permit.

As Greg states, it was a fantastic trip and living up to the namesake, Excellent Adventures. Still can't believe that the bartender asked Ron if he was married. I think she had her eye on leaving the island with the big spender. When someone hooks up on three tarpon and lands one on his very first day out, never knew he was responsible for the bar tab. Luckily, Ron brought extra spending money that was used up on the first night at the bar alone and gaining 8 new friends.

Could not believe how smooth everything went on the transfers with the exception when Al lost the baggage claim tickets between Belize International and Dangriga. We just had to wait for the other travelers to claim their bags. Not a real inconvenience though. I am going to offer to hold the baggage claim tickets for Al next year.

Willie's tarpon was almost as big as him. I am surprised he landed that fish. We have to do something to raise his excitability next year- way too subdued and constrained. The group dynamics was terrific above all else. The evening banter was enjoyed by all.

Greg, your night time diving prowess is not to be underestimated again. Still am amazed that you were able to find your glasses off the end of the pier in just one dive. Have to admit it appeared that the odds were clearly not in your favor.

I just hope that the mud cleats don't tip my baggage weight limit. Even Bruce commented that he couldn't take me anywhere. I was a mess and not really ready for any photo ops, much less go into town. I am replacing all of my clothes to mud color so I can literally blend in. Luckily, the mud washed out in the laundry.

Even my wife wants to see the photos after hearing the stories. She never asks to see photos of my fishing trips.

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